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If you feel "hating yourself", what should I do?

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If you feel "hating yourself", what should I do? Empty If you feel "hating yourself", what should I do?

Pisanie by Ginana22 Pon Maj 31, 2021 8:35 am

I hate myself, I don't like myself at all These words often come up when we have something bad. Or some people feel that they have no value at all What should I do if I encounter an event like this? Today we will get to understand it from a psychological perspective properly better.

Hate is a human emotion and feeling. It is natural that can happen. Even with myself The starting point may come from many things, such as Keep the words of others to think of jealousy and unrequited feelings Doing something and not what you think Doing something wrong and keep thinking.

All these factors or all these bad things can make us feel hate. Feel bad about myself We try to check ourselves through 4 simple questions whether we feel bad about ourselves or not.

- see that life will not be successful
- have negative thoughts
-Felt that he was a failure all the time
- low self-esteem

If anyone feels the above Don't panic or be sad Try this method.

1. Take notes
Before the end of the day, try to think about the stories that happened today. Write down your feelings What makes us hate ourselves today? Is there something good going on? Let us learn Let the thoughts in the head come out as a clearer picture. As we see more of the pictures, we know what we should avoid. Or put yourself with something To reduce my hatred And make yourself happy

2. Fight with your own negative thoughts
Don't always be positive But must not be discouraged with negative thoughts all the time Easiest is when a voice in your head says you hate yourself. Try shouting out loud that it's not true. This isn't right. Don't be discouraged by what happened. How we respond to feelings like this will help us feel more courageous.

3. Practice positive self-talk.
When we are brave enough to fight negative thoughts ourselves Began to practice positive self-talk Try writing down things that make you love yourself, such as foods that you like pets, and then look at what you write every day, saying your name will make you feel better.

4. Spend time with the people who make us happy.
People are often the main reason why we feel good and feel bad. Should be spending time with the people we are already happy with. Studies have shown that our mental health is also related to the people around us. When we are with loved ones. People with positive energy We tend to be happier. Therefore put yourself in the right place Spend time doing activities with people who make us happy.

5. Consult an expert
If you try everything and you still don't feel better and still feel that this feeling still affects our lives It is best to recommend that you consult a specialist for advice on solving the problem correctly, whether it is a psychologist, a doctor.

Information from :: JOKER GAME

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